• Information on School Bus Loading Zone & Bus Stops

    1. Stand in lines or a group facing traffic so you can see the bus approaching. Stand back 6 feet from where the bus will stop. Do not approach the bus until the driver opens the bus door.
    2. When loading at a school follow the directions of the driver and/or teacher on bus duty.
    3. Stand back the required 6 feet until the bus driver opens the bus door. Remember, there may be several buses to watch out for, not just your own.
    4. Never go under or stop in front of any bus to retrieve something you've dropped. 
    5. Never run to a bus, always walk.
    6. Destroying property, playing in or running across the street or any type of horseplay at a bus stop is dangerous and prohibited.
    7. Do not bring pets or animals to a bus stop.
    8. When the bus is stopped to load or unload, the students are the direct responsibility of the bus driver and the drivers directions must be followed.
    9. School buses can only stop at designated bus stops. When waiting for the bus in a car, be sure your car is not parked in the bus loading/unloading zone.
    Students, at all times while riding a school bus or other school-owned or operated vehicle, shall observe the directives of the driver and/or vehicle safety monitor. The following conduct is specifically prohibited and may result in revocation of school system provided transportation privileges:
    1. Delaying the bus schedule.
    2. Refusing to obey the driver's instructions.
    3. Tampering with or willfully damaging the school vehicle.
    4. Getting off at an unauthorized stop.
    5. Distracting the driver's attention by participating in disruptive behavior while the vehicle is in operation.
    6. Throwing objects from the bus.
    7. Failing to observer and obey safety regulations.
    8. Violating any other Code of Conduct rules while on the school.