• Multiply with the Partial Products Strategy

    Attached is a copy of the notes and problem-solving steps that your child has in their Math Journal.  This strategy is very similar to the Area Model strategy, (but we do not create a visual model with this strategy).

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  • Place Value

    Attached is a copy of an interactive place value study guide handout. 

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  • Multiply with the Area Model Decomposition Strategy

    Multiply with the Area Model Decomposition Strategy
    We are starting to learn new strategies for multiplying large numbers faster and more accurately.  One such strategy is by decomposing large numbers using Place Value, and creating an Area Model to help us organize our work.  
    Four additional pieces of information which we've been practicing in class:
    1)  I highly encourage students to "touch" each of the smaller problems within the Area Model as they show their written work, (as shown on the Reference Sheet in Boxes 6 and 7).  My rationale is that if they touch the work, they will be more likely to include all parts of the problem, and reduce the chance of leaving out necessary information in their work.  
    2)  I also encourage students to do the same with each of the answers within the Area Model, (on their next line of written work), (as also included within Boxes 6 and 7 on the Reference Sheet).  
    3)  I ask that students add the partial answers vertically, using the Standard Algorithm of Addition, so as to reduce risk of errors as they calculate the product of the recomposed, larger multiplication problem.  
    4)  Lastly, I ask that students circle their final answer with the original problem.  This will make it very clear to the reader that that information is their final answer to the problem. 
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  • Multiplication Vocabulary

    This reference sheet is GROWING.  :)
    As our unit continues, we will add more information and problem solving strategies to this reference sheet.  Please also look to your child's Math Journal for updates on problem solving strategies and examples.
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  • Strategies for Adding and Subtracting

    Five strategies that we worked with in our math class are included on the attached reference sheet.  

    One note: for the Standard Algorithm, we would need to line up the places of the numbers carefully, so that the ones are vertically lined up, the tens are vertically lined up, and the hundreds are vertically lined up.
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