• What to expect in math this year...



    We have a lot of topics to cover over the course of the year. We will use a variety of techniques to complete all of the standards placed in front of us and any help from home is greatly appreciated. One of the biggest keys to success is mastery of math facts 0-12. Practicing these facts nightly for 15 minutes will make a world of difference for your child. Our math class will be set up a little differently depending on the day and the material being taught. Students can expect to work with small groups as well as partners and complete individual practice. Math fact building will be part of our weekly lessons as well as using a variety of games to help make learning fun. Students will be grouped in all different facets throughout the year to ensure that all students are learning at their level and are getting the most out of each class. In our six day rotation we will have a double math period twice in which station work will be completed to help target specific needs for reinforcement, practice, or enrichment. Our main resource will be using our math program Origo. Below is a nice summary of the key points that you can look forward to seeing your child learn in our current unit.  Be sure to continue to look back for updates as we enter each new unit of study this year!

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