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    A site where you can learn more about music while having lots of fun.  Great site for music games for children of all ages.
    This site was created by the American Symphony Orchestra League and is now funded by New York State Council on the Arts.  A fabulous resource to use to learn more about the many instruments of the orchestra.  
    PSB Kids Jazz introduces  the history of jazz.   Here you can read up on the many biographies of jazz articles as well as being able to view interviews with jazz musicians.  A fun and informative site to check out!
    At Classics for Kids you can hear demonstrations of instruments, look up musical terms in the online  musical dictionary, and even play musical games. 
    This is a site that has over 50 free piano lessons for many levels of difficulty.   It is primarily for ages 13 and up.  It is never to late to learn an instrument and this is a great site for adults that are stressed for time to learn in the traditional setting. 
    Fun site to learn and sing those popular nursery rhymes with your children.
    Learn how to read music in a enjoyable and very easy way.  A great site to check out for those students that are just learning a new instrument or that would like to learn more before they start to take an instrument.
    Another nice site to make learning music fun and exciting through many games and activities.
    A great site to check out and learn those songs that your kids love to sing over and over again!