Special Education Services

  • Plainville Public Schools offers a full range of Special Education services to support the varying needs of our student population.  All students who receive Special Education services do so within the least restrictive environment. Some students’ educational programs require related services. District faculty includes the following related service providers: Speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, ABA assistants, and school psychologists.

    These individuals allow the district to use an interdisciplinary team approach that provides an unusually high quality process for the evaluation and identification of students eligible for special education. These individuals also provide consultation to teachers and direct service to students in both the mainstream and pullout model settings, depending on student need. Students work individually or in small groups on skills impacted by disabilities that require specialized instruction provided by the professionals licensed in these areas.

    The district also cultivates relationships with other specialists who serve as consultants to the schools on an ongoing or as needed basis. They provide consultation, supervision, and direct service to the district. Services are recommended to students in special education based on individual needs, drawing from a menu of the services described within this document. The district continually reviews and develops new programming in response to new needs within the district. A comprehensive program is devised for each student incorporating the services appropriate to address his/her specific learning profile. Therefore, it is quite possible, in fact likely, to have students who fall within the same disability category receiving different services. This is because the individual needs of the student, rather than any particular diagnosis, is the defining factor when developing the Individualized Education Program.

    Please refer to the description services offered for: Preschool Integrated Program, Inclusion Programming, TLC and Pyschological Counseling.  Other services also include Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, ABA-based Instruction and Adaptive Physical Education.