Preschool Integrated Program


    The purpose of the Plainville Integrated Preschool is to educate children with disabilities and their typically developing peers within a comprehensive, structured language-based program. In alignment with the Massachusetts Common Core State Standards, the program will provide the support, structure and respectful school environment necessary for children to master pre-academic, communication and social/emotional standards, while also meeting the individual needs of each child. Staff will collaborate with parents to support the children’s learning and progress. Children with disabilities are given additional support as directed by their IEPs. This is provided by not only the preschool staff but also the speech/language therapist, occupational therapist, and physical therapist in an integrated service learning approach.An integrated preschool setting is one in which children with disabilities are integrated or included in a classroom with typically developing children. The children with disabilities participate in all of the activities within the class and modifications are made as needed. By having the children with disabilities participate in this type of program they are provided with same age role models of appropriate behavior. This atmosphere also helps the typical developing children to be more accepting of people with disabilities. 

    Children in need of services have been determined to have moderate to severe needs in one or more of the following areas:

    • Receptive and/or expressive language

    • Fine and/or gross motor skills

    • Socialization skills

    • School readiness skills

    • Visual and/or auditory skills