What's Happening in 6th Grade?

  • Welcome to the Grade 6 Tutoring Page!

    My name is Stephanie Bryant and I’m the Grade 6 Tutor here at the Wood School. I am a licensed Elementary Education Teacher with a Bachelor’s in both Elementary Education and English from Bridgewater State University. This is my third year here in Plainville, and my second year working at the Wood School. I’m very excited for all of the learning that will be taking place over the course of the year!

    Tutoring at the Wood School is designed to service students in three capacities. Small group tutoring is provided during Spanish sessions instead of removing children from class during core academic instruction. Students who qualify for tutoring services meet with the tutor to work on targeted areas in reading or math. Tutors also provide in-class support and small group instruction during the grade level RTI block.

    Third Trimester Focus:

    Reading- This trimester we will continue our focus on strengthening vocabulary, finding and using figurative language in our writing and reading, analyzing poetry, and comparing and contrasting various character traits. Students have been working in small literature circles to clarify any unknown words or sections in the texts they are reading, to ask both literal and inferential questions, summarize and make sense of what they have read, and predict what might happen next. Students have also been working on making various connections to what they have read such as text-text, text-self, and text-world connections.

    Math- This trimester we have been working with two and three-dimensional shapes. Students have been learning about area, perimeter, and volume, and have just recently moved on to statistics and probability. In this unit, students have been working on collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to answer questions. They have also been working on describing data with respect to its shape, center, and variability or spread. Students will learn to distinguish between numerical and categorical data, and how to organize and represent data using tables, dot plots, line plots, ordered-value bar graphs, frequency bar graphs, histograms, and box-and-whisker plots. Finally, students will distinguish between and compute measures of central tendency (mean, median, mode) and measures of spread (range, interquartile range (IQR), and mean absolute deviation (MAD)). Students will also identify how mean and median respond to changes in the data value of a distribution.        

    Second Trimester Focus:

    Reading- This trimester we have begun talking about theme and point of view. We will be moving on to character analysis, legends, analyzing non-fiction techniques, note taking, paraphrasing, and writing bibliographies as the trimester progresses.

    Math- This trimester we have begun working with ratios, proportions, and balancing equations (an introduction to algebra). We will be moving on to integers, rational numbers, and computing with decimals and percents as the trimester progresses.

    First Trimester Focus:

    Reading- So far this year, we have reviewed the different genres of literature, and are currently focusing on using both Greek and Latin roots as well as context clues in order to help us determine the meaning of any unknown words that we come across in our reading. We are also working on improving our dictionary skills in order to help us determine which definition makes the most sense given the context that the word is found in. We have been discussing how to effectively use quotation marks in our writing in order to either cite sources or show dialogue, and are constantly reading and discussing various poems, short stories, articles, and reader’s theatres in order to help with our fluency and comprehension. Looking at the use of figurative language in various texts and making inferences when responding to or thinking about what we read will be two of the main areas of focus moving forward this trimester.

    Math- So far this year, we have learned the standard algorithm for division, and worked with factors and multiples. We are currently focusing on fractions and decimals, how to move from one to the other, and will be moving on to percents next! The last area of focus for this trimester will be on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions.