• Welcome, Mrs. Wright's reading friends and families!


    I wish we were together in person and I miss you all very much! Until we are at Jackson school again, this is how we will work together to continue with our reading instruction. 


    Each week, you will sign on to this page and click on the weekly tab to view our work for the week. You and your families will do the same type of activities we have been working on together.  You can even teach your parents how to mark words and the different types of syllables! 


    Please do not stress about this work. We are all doing the best we can during this unusual time. I just want you to continue reading books and noticing new words. :)  


    Please do these lessons in order. If you are not able to stay on the schedule I have posted, just start where you left off. 


    Lots of love,   

    Mrs. Wright