Tutoring in Fifth Grade


    Grade 5 Tutoring

    - Tutoring at the Wood School is desigined to service students in three capacities.  Small group tutoring is provided during Spanish sessions instead of removing children from class during core academic instruction.  Students who qualify for tutoring services meet with the tutor to work on targeted areas in reading or math. Tutors also provide in-class support and small group instruction during the grade level RTI block.

    - Stephanie Bryant services 5S & 5J; Beth Scott services 5H, 5l & 5D; Carol Lawler provides in-class and RTI support.

    Reading Instruction:

    - Fluency Practice - students practice poetry, reader's theaters or short paragraphs to increase speed and accuracy

    - Phonics Review - each session of tutoring begins with a short making words activity to reinforce phonics skills

    - Drawing Conclusions - students are led through some critical thinking questions to help them make accurate conclusions

    - Making Inferences & Predictions - we are learning the difference between infering and predicting in literature.

    - Theme - identifying a central message can be difficult.  Students are working diligently to find what the author is trying to teach the reader

    - Main Idea & Details - Typically we use short,  non-fiction text to identify the main idea and find the supporting details.  We spend time finding evidence to support our answers.

    - Author's Purpose - Finding the author's purpose for writing goes hand-in-hand with our work in theme.

    Hot New Topics - Third Trimester

    - We've been focusing on finding evidence in the text to support written answers and comparing multiple sources to synthesize information on a topic.  Not only are these skills great preparation for future learning, but are also useful for PARCC testing practice.

    Math Instruction:

    - Tutoring for math continues as "in-class" support for current math strategies and curriculum.  I work with many students in small groups to facilitate practice, clarification  or more individualized instruction.